Professional Engineers:  Did you know you could earn PDH units for volunteering? *As of September 2010, The Texas Board of Professional Engineers allows up to 3 PDH units for active participation in education outreach involving K-12 or higher education students.  For official licensure rules CLICK HERE
See *§137.17 Continuing Education Program (Page 52).

How else can you volunteer & mentor in your community?

Help a young civil engineer or educate a child about the marvels of engineering by making the meaningful and long lasting impact of becoming a mentor. In 2009 ASCE President Kathy J. Caldwell PE wrote in an ASCE NEWS article "Consider giving through engagement, for what you give individually will become part of a greater return that will benefit us all."  Learn more of the many ways you can become a mentor today in this article.

Take a moment to think back to your days in elementary school or junior high (this may take a few moments longer for some than others). 

Who was the most influential teacher you can recall? 

Most of you will come to the conclusion quickly that it was the teacher who moved you; who brought you to a new place of learning and personal development.  Your role as a mentor engineer squarely places you in the position of that teacher you once had, who may have started the flame of math or science, that then kindled over the years into a roaring fire you have come to know as your Passion for Engineering!

So today you sit, poised and ready to become a mentor, if not already one, needing to do one thing - TAKE ACTION!  Your active and/or continued participation in this type of leadership role creates perpetual personal development opportunities for all ages. There are many opportunities throughout the year for active engineers such as yourself to get involved in everything from a nationwide competition down to presenting fun engineering things that can be built from toothpicks and marshmallows to a friend or family member's local elementary school class.  Here are several great ways you can get involved and meet the challenge mentioned by Kathy Caldwell PE, President of ASCE of "giving through engagement":

It is also great to see that mentoring and volunteerism is recognized as a valuable national asset all the way to the White House - United We Serve.  There is even a ZIP Code lookup to find volunteer and mentor opportunities in your area HERE.

Lead a mentoring effort as part of a branch outreach, a corporate effort, or even your own passion to lead an elementary school class on an engineering adventure single handedly! 

Participate as a mentor or judge for one of the following outstanding competitions:

  • West Point Bridge  
    • Member Opportunity: Mentor a team
    • Date: January 17, 2012. Qualify by February 1, 2012 or hold your own local competition using the available software and criteria 
    • Age: 13 yrs through grade 12
    • Member Opportunity: Proctor exams and support the competition
    • Date: February - March (Texas MATHCOUNTS Schedule) by Chapter and Region
    • Age: 6th - 8th grade
  • Future City Competition    
    • Member Opportunity:  Mentor a team or Judge at Regionals - to find more infornatoin go to the Mentor Support Page
    • Date: October - February 
    • Age: 6th - 8th grade

If you take away one thing from this site, take away this . . . the most valuable thing you can do is to take action and get engaged.   

We challenge you to not simply consider but

to act and move yourself to mentor;

to grow the minds of engineers of tomorrow! 


Have you seen other great ways for engineers to get involved in volunteerism and mentoring? Please do not hesitate to email us with details.

Martin J. Pflanz PE
Texas Future City Mentor Team Leader
ASCE Texas Section VP Education
Learning Product Manager
Bentley Systems, Inc.


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