Concrete Canoe
Concrete Canoe Rules

Concrete Canoe Race Results 2014
(pdf download)

Steel Bridge
Steel Bridge Rules

Daniel Mead Paper



Texas-Mexico Conference 2014

Steel Bridge Competition

Jan. 17 & 18, 2014

at the Maverick Activities Center

The University of Texas at Arlington campus.


Spring Student Symposium

April 25 - 26, 2014

Tyler, TX




ASCE Student Chapters and Clubs
in the Texas Section

All the major universities in Texas with civil engineering programs have ASCE Student Chapters. Most hold regular meetings.

Lamar University — Southeast Texas Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Heath B. Thompson
Faculty Advisor  Robert L. Yuan PhD PE 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Robert C. Hickman PE
Department Chair Robert L. Yuan PhD PE 

Prairie View A&M University — Houston Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013 Jeremy Craft
Faculty Advisor  Iftekhar Ahmed PhD PE CPESC 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Stephen A. Hrncir PE
Department Head  Raghava R. Kommalapati PhD PE BCEE 

Rice University — Houston Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013 Andrew Lo 
Faculty Advisor  (Fall) Rousbeh Shahsava
Faculty Advisor (Spring) Jamie E. Padgett PhD  
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Donald J. Anderson PE
Department Chair Pedro J. Alvarez PhD PE DEE


Southern Methodist University — Dallas Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013 Jennifer Warner 
Faculty Advisor Usama Samir El Shamy PhD PE 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor 2011-2012 Ivan F. Nicodemus PE
Department Chair  Khaled F. Abdelghany PhD 

Texas A&M University - College Station — Brazos Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013 Alyssa C. Politte 
Faculty Advisor Anthony Cahill PhD
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor 2011-2012 Edward J. McDonald
Department Head John M. Niedzwecki PhD PE  

Texas A&M University - Kingsville — Corpus Christi Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Juan Carlos Garza 
Faculty Advisor Francisco G. Aguiniga PhD
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Javier A. Davila EIT  
Interim Department Chair Steven J. Nix 

Texas Tech University — Caprock Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  William B. Kumfer 
Faculty Advisor Audra N. Morse PhD PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Russell R. Carter PE
Department Chair H. Scott Norville PhD PE 

University of Houston — Houston Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013 Kristen Torbett 
Faculty Advisor Reagan S. Herman PhD PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Lead Advisor Stephen A. Hrncir PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Co-advisor Greg Ranft PE
Department Chair  Abdeldjelil Belarbi PhD PE

University of Texas at Arlington — Fort Worth Branch & Dallas Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Dagmawi Geremew
Faculty Advisor James C. Williams PhD PE
Dallas - Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Faisal S. Syed PE
Fort Worth Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Scott F. Berman PE
Department Head Jean-Pierre Bardet PhD

University of Texas at Austin — Austin Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Stephanie Chi Yen Tong
Faculty Advisor Robert B. Gilbert PhD PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Rose Marie P. Klee PE
Department Chair Sharon L. Wood PhD PE 

University of Texas at El Paso — El Paso Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013   
Faculty Advisor W. Shane Walker PhD
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Wendy Arredondo, EIT
Department Chair Cesar Carrasco PhD

University of Texas at San Antonio — San Antonio Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Marcus Garcia 
Faculty Advisor  Manuel A. Diaz PhD PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Steven A. Gonzales PE 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor  Fred L. Waterman PE
Department Chair Athanassios T. Papagiannakis PhD PE 

University of Texas at Tyler — Northeast Texas Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013  Michael Lisk
Faculty Advisor Michael J. McGinnis PhD 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor 2011-2012 Arthur M. Clendenin PE
Interim Department Chair J. Torey Nalbone PhD

University of Texas Pan American — Rio Grande Valley Branch

Student Liaison 2012-2013   Juan I. Enriquez
Faculty Advisor Mohammad Azarba 
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Omar Anzaldua PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Robert L. Saenz PE
Student Chapter Practitioner Advisor Alfonso A. Soto, PE
Program Director Mohammad Azarba 

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